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MPC awarded NOMAD status

MARILOU PAVLOU CHRISTODOULIDES LLC has now been approved as a Nominated Advisor (NOMAD) in listing companies in the Emerging Companies Market of Cyprus Stock Exchange.

We are proud to announce that we are officially authorised to act and assist as a Nominated Adviser (a “NOMAD”) to companies that wish to be listed and traded in the Emerging Companies Market (the “ECM”) of the Cyprus Stock Exchange (the “CSE”).

The ECM benefits from a simplified regulatory regime specifically designed for small and medium sized companies. It is considered as a Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) according to Mifid II legislation and offers various advantages to companies looking to raise funding and access to a regulated market primarily in terms of lower costs, simplified listing requirements and lighter regulation.

A company seeking to list on the ECM is legally obliged to appoint a NOMAD which must be retained at all times the company is listed

on the ECM to advise the company on its ongoing compliance with the rules of the Exchange.

Our NOMAD services include:

  • assisting the non-listed company throughout the admission process to the ECM;

  • Ensure that the listing requirements are fulfilled;

  • appraising the appropriateness of the company for listing to the CSE;

  • ensuring compliance with the rules of the exchange;

  • preparing the admission documents and ancillary documents;

  • project management of the overall process leading to a listing;

  • monitoring the status of a listed company in order to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations of the CSE;

  • assisting private companies which seek funding to gain easy access to the Emerging Companies Market;

  • evaluating and presenting you to the CSE ensuring that the listing requirements are fulfilled;

  • representing the issuer through the listing procedure;

  • advising the Company in respect of ongoing regulatory compliance;

  • assisting the Company with their reporting requirements to the exchange.

For further information, please refer to CSE website and/or contact us at

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