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We offer the following services so as to provide our client with a one stop shop for all their business and operational needs:

Provision of Professional Directors

MPC Services Limited provides expert nominee directorship and company secretarial services to all our companies that positively gain from the Cyprus tax provisions. For a set annual retainer fee, MPC Services Limited can provide registered office, nominee directors, registered office secretarial fee and put in place the relevant legal documentation

Provision of Shareholders

In Cyprus, concealing the identity of beneficial owners who do not wish to appear as registered shareholders of the company is permitted by the Cyprus Companies Law Cap.113.  For a set annual fee, nominee shareholders are provided by MPC Services Limited in order to assist our clients uphold discretion of registered legal ownership of company shares. By appointing nominee shareholder/s to hold your shares on your behalf, your identity as the ultimate beneficial owner appearing on the public records of the Registrar of Companies can be avoided in order to retain your privacy.

Provision of Secretary and Registered Address

The Company Secretary plays a vital role in the maintenance the company’s statutory registers and records and acts only under the instructions of the board of directors in regards to the preparation of statutory documentation and signing off applications to the Registrar of Companies and in conducting its other duties.


A registered address in Cyprus is mandatory when registering a Cyprus Company. MPC Services Limited gladly assists client in this respect and provides each client with a local registered address as a matter of course.

Renting Locally: Rental of Office Space

At MPC Services Limited, we offer high quality furnished and hi- tech luxury office spaces clients who wish to further demonstrate that their companies and indeed tax residents of company. Our state of the art offices are located on Limassol Avenue, the most prominent business avenue in Nicosia, which offers easy access to a variety of banking institutions and easy access to and from other major cities in Cyprus.


Hiring Locally: Corporate Recruitment Services

In addition, MPC Services Limited also provides executive recruitment services to clients who are seeking to hire high calibre candidates locally. Cyprus is globally ranked as one of the most educated countries in the world, especially in regards, to the financial sector. MPC Services Limited already possess an extensive pool of qualified candidates and is ready to initiate a job hunt on your behalf.

Opening of a Bank Account & Bank Signatories

MPC Services Limited is well networked within the banking sector in Cyprus and abroad. If you wish for assistance for establishing a bank account for your company, we will gladly assist you in all your banking endeavours, be they opening an account, effecting transfers and importantly act as bank signatories on your accounts. It is important to note that  substance is further evidenced through the appointment of local or resident bank signatories which can help demonstrate that your company is indeed managed and controlled in Cyprus.

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