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MPC Services Limited, our affiliate company, offers a full range of fiduciary services for clients aimed at assisting clients with tax planning and asset preservation and support with all their local business and operational needs.


We provide advice on the founding and administration of Cyprus trusts, foundations, associations and other Cypriot asset holding, asset management and asset preservation vehicles and can assist in all aspects of the administration of assets.


The firm’s fiduciary services for Cyprus companies/ Trusts/ foundations/ partnerships include:

  • Provision of corporate/physical person as company secretary or assistant secretary;

  • Provision of registered office address;

  • Provision of corporate/physical person as directors;

  • Provision of corporate/physical person as nominee shareholders;

  • Provision of general or limited partners in partnerships;

  • Provision of bank signatories;

  • Safe keeping of financial instruments on behalf of clients, including acting as depositary.


The Importance of Exercising ‘Management and Control’ in Cyprus’


In light of increasing CFC rules in various jurisdictions and in order to enjoy the benefit of the low corporate and income tax provisions, evidencing management and control in Cyprus is necessary after the registration of a Cyprus company.

MPC services Limited offer clients a variety of ways to enhance the establishment of their Cyprus company locally.  Management and control can be demonstrated through our services.

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